Keeping it legal

Third post in and I notice that I have a glaring hole in my blog. And that is the complete lack of copyright notification. This hasn’t been done to “stick it to the man”, but has been an oversight on my part. Imagery of any comic that I post may belong to me, but the over-riding copyright belongs to the producer of that comic. So if the comic is one of the many D C Thomson’s comics, then I am only using that imagery to illustrate my point, not to claim ownership of it. The imagery still belongs to D C Thomson. So that I am clear, if I use imagery from Rebellion, then it still belongs to Rebellion. The same goes for Image, DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, Electric Soup Press, Fat Man Press, Vertigo, Panini, Egmont, Imperious Press or any other company whose comics I have read and may mention in the future. The same also goes for if I quote from a book, the material still belongs to that publishing house. And that segues nicely into my next point. I love the solid feel of the copyright notice at the end of the D C Thomson comics I read. It always gave me a nicely solid end to the comic, rather than just finishing a story and then having to go back to the real world with no transistion in between. I did notice that the early Victor ones also mentioned John Leng, the publishing house that was merged with Thomson’s in 1905. I presume that the John Leng name was kept alive up to the 1960’s as it may have been useful in regard to copyright issues for any book published by that company. However, I am happy to be corrected by anyone who knows better than I. In fact, I have just looked at a copy of Rover and Wizard from 25 June 1966, when England would have been gripped by the impending World Cup, and a copy of Commando from 2006 when I would have been gripped by my impending move to working in Cyprus for three years. And when you look at the copyright notice for both, the only differences are that D C Thomson may have moved address in the intervening years as in 1966, they were in 12 Fetter Lane, Fleet Street, whereas in 2006 , they were in 185 Fleet Street. Either that or the addresses were just readjusted for legal purposes. Again, if anyone can correct or confirm my presumptions, I would be awfully glad of the feedback.


2 thoughts on “Keeping it legal

  1. They’re round the corner from each other according to Google Maps, but they’re not the same building. Both Fetter Lane and Fleet Street appear to number continuously down one side and then back up the other.


    1. I noticed that the buildings were close, but far enough away to make it unlikely that it was just a readjustment. I will just have to wait until a DCT staffer is able to enlighten me.


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