The Postman Always Rings Twice

Well, in our house, it’s knocks, but that’s only because it takes herself a little while to get to the door. But today, the postman could have kicked our door down and I would have been happy. And what delight has been delivered for me to be happy with a bit of aggro from a tireless early riser? Well, it is none other than Sketch Bomb printed by Custard Design and Print on behalf of the unbelievably talented Boo Cook.

Featuring a selection of his sketches from the last 27 years, there is something for everyone. How about Harry Kipling (deceased)? He’s there. A depressed clown? Yeah, got one of those. A thoughtful barbarian? By Crom, I’ve got one of those too! A bit of prep work for Elephantmen? Yup, they’re making an appearance too.

I am not posting pictures from this book to save you the need to buy it, I am only printing enough to tease into buying it. And it is so very worth it.

From the quietly classical sketching to the insanely fantastical, it’s all there. And it is a steal at only five of your finest British pounds! If you contact Boo via his blogger profile, then I am sure that he can set you up with a wonderful delivery from your local postman. And if you are really unlucky, your postman will ring twice…

Boo Cover Resize Boo Hobbes Resize Boo Judge Resize Boo Lady Resize Boo Sketch Resize Boo Smoking Man Resize

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