Glasgow Comic Con 2015

I had a great time and it was only marred by the fact that my better half could not come on the Sunday as our sitter let us down…again!

I have done a review of the convention and it is on Down The Tubes for anyone who wants to read it. We picked up loads of small press comics and a fair few sketches. Even our daughter is getting in on the act with a picture of Slenderman being drawn by Conor Boyle of Disconnected Press.

Those of you that know me will have already seen my pictures around the convention and rather than reproduce them here, I have stuck with the sketches and the comics that we bought.

First the sketches:

(c) Image Comics

(c) DC Comics

Beano (c) D C Thomson

(c) Bad Press

John Pearson Skull

(c) Vertigo Comics

Starblazer (c) D C Thomson

(c) Rebellion

(c) DC Comics

Then we have the autograph page

GCC15 Autographs

And last but not least, the comics we bought over the weekend

(c) Accent UK and Magic Torch

(c) Black Library, Renegade Arts, Changeling Studios and Disconnected Press

I’ll admit that this is a bit of a fluff piece, but if I can’t show off my comic gold here, where else can i show it? Now I am off to read some comics!

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