A Warlord Artist Hunt

One of my favourite characters in Warlord was Big Willi Kastner (or if you prefer the English version Bill Steward. There’s a joke in there, I am sure, but I am beggared if I can suss it out) and the main artist on it was the Argentinian artist Alberto Salinas. I still enjoy his work to this day. But a little hiccup in the relations between Argentina and Britain happened in 1982. And as a result of this, Salinas decided to no longer accept work from the UK. Which is a shame as his art is some of the nicest to look at.

Salinas Title Page

Salinas Last Page
Perhaps it was quite apt that the last page that Salinas drew was that of the graves for the buried soldiers as it certainly buried any last chance we had of seeing Salinas illustrating in any other British comic. When he quit, Terry Patrick was given the job of finishing off Series 4 which was a 16 parter and Terry Patrick was given the last four episodes to illustrate in issues 407 to 410. As you can see from the picture, Terry did not do too bad a job of “ghosting” Salinas’ style for that one episode. However, for the last three episodes, Terry went back to his own style and I doubt that anyone complained!

Big Willi Terry Patrick

Howwever, when Big Willi came back at the tail end of 1983, we had a new artist on the illustration duties. And while I recognise the style, I cannot put a name to the artist, so if any of you can help stop this old fan tearing his hair out, it would be appreciated.

Big Willi Artist Big Willi Artist 002

All images (c) D C Thomson

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