Swop you five Victors for the Battles

If you grew up in the post war decades, then the title or a variant of it will be a familiar refrain. Comic swaps were one of the few ways of getting more to read than you could afford to buy on your pocket money. And many a budding small-town businessman made their start in this way by making sure the exchange of comics favoured them.

My major childhood swap has me cringing these days as I swapped about 50 plus US comics for some Action Men and accessories! I dread to think what I swapped away for those eagle eyes. But moving forward to today, I find that many people are so busy putting a price on their comics they forget the value of what they have. And as a collector of the art and the comics, I find it difficult for me to do the same. For me, much of the value in comics is in the memories they evoke and the joy of being able to discuss this entertaining medium. Also to discuss comics with the creators, be they writers, artists, editors or letterers, is one of the better ways to spend an evening that I can think of.

The Doubles…
Yes. There are that many of them.

However, as many people are sticking their doubles, triples or whatever comic is the current financial bandwagon onto auction sites and seeking the best price possible, it is nice to find an alternate method of changing doubles into comics that will fill the gaps without breaking the bank for the collectors on a budget. And after meeting a fellow Commando collector, it is nice to find that there is a new tool in the box for collectors. And that is Swapsies.

The site caters for both sales and swaps, but I feel that it is the swaps that will become the main reason for people using this alternate method for shifting those doubles. So far, I am into my fifth “swap” and I am finding it refreshing to chat with collectors who value comics equally whether the comics were published last week or last century.

Swaps 2 to 5

Now, many of you will wonder why I am touting this site when I can just as easily list my extra comics on an auction site. The reason for touting this site is that it allows directed collecting. I can contact a fellow site member and find out if my doubles are something that they are looking for. If not, then I can go to the next  site member to see if they are after the comics that I have.

And when you have as many doubles as I have, then a site like this is a godsend. I have mainly been shifting Commando doubles, but I am hoping that anyone with Victor or Warlord gaps in their collection will soon be joining and then I can really start filling some serious gaps in my collections and emptying some boxes of doubles.

Another reason for enjoying the use of this site is that it is not financially punitive on either the seller or the buyer. It also empowers collectors to engage with each other and to use their purchasing power for the good of the group rather than the individual.

Before anyone asks, the comics featured in this article are up for swaps. The Steve Austin sketch is NOT for sale. However, if you can get hold of Dave Gordon and can cross his palm with silver, then you could be amazed at what he can do for you.

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