It’s A Hard Life

When things are getting you down, it is always nice to count your blessings. And when it comes to comics, I have so many to count that I sometimes forget that not everyone is as fortunate as I.

On a typical day, I will get at least 20 posts or so on social media about comics and comic related events. I have been fortunate enough to have been accepted by a large number of artists so I get a lot of updates from them and it is wonderful to see so much of their work.

I get to see kickstarters such as Beyond Lovecraft, which is a portmanteau horror story that draws directly on the works of H P Lovecraft. Drawn by award winning artist Rob Moran and written by award winning writer Jasper Bark, it’s a graphic novel featuring four stand alone tales and one overarching story that links each tale.

Beyond Lovecraft

I see contributions by people who add their work to The Frank Frazetta Round Table and there are some truly gorgeous pieces in there. I picked two of the most recent for your delictation. Go there and enjoy the rest of the art. There are some truly amazing pieces there.


Halil Urail

And I see contributions to the Barry Windsor Smith fan group as well. This group features some wonderful examples of his work.

BWS Conan

I even get to see the start of projects such as Clown, written by John Parkes and features the art of Dino Agor, Renzo Rodriguez and Craig Sherbert. Here is a taster of the pencils for one of the splash pages.


And then, and this is one of the best bits, I get to see what many of the artists have been working on and believe me, that is a real treat. In this selection, these are pictures that have been drawn by Carlos Ezquerra, Edmund Ripoll and Mike Collins.

Carlos Ezquerra Edmund Ripoll Mike Collins

And I even get told of new comics that are coming out like Last Gang In Town! which is the new DC Vertigo series that Rufus Dayglo has been working on and it is out in December. To quote Rufus himself, “It’s a punk rock version of the Italian job snogging the Dirty Dozen after three too many ciders!”

Last Gang In Town

I also get to hear of the sketchbooks being released by the artists themselves. I have already bought the ones released by Cam Kennedy and Boo Cook, but I now have my eyes on the sketchbooks that have been released by Gary Erskine, Alex Ronald and Quique Alcatena.

Alex Ronald Sketchbook Gary Erskine Sketchbook Quique Alcatena sketchbook

And while Remembrance Sunday has passed, I have been fortunate to have been given a hi-res copy of Steve Bright’s 2014 Poppies cartoon. And while I may have things hard, there are nowhere near as hard as what those of my grandfather’s generation suffered through as they served their time in the trenches. And it is the top of that illustration that I have used as the header for this article.

But to finish off, here is a bit of animation that not only pays homage to the longest running science-fiction show, but gives a nod to 1980s Norwegian band A-Ha

(c) resides with the individual artists and companies represented.

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