Planet Earth Is Blue And There’s Nothing We Can Do


One of my rules for creating this blog was to post nothing that would depress me whenever I revisited any post. And on the face of it, the death of David Bowie is a pretty big event that depresses the hell out of a lot of people. But for me, whenever I think of Bowie, I am strangely uplifted.

I always liked his music, but when I was a kid, I thought he was a bit pretentious. However as I grew older, I realised that while the early interviews of Bowie did indeed show him to be pretentious as a callow youth, he was always inventive and he wrote amazing songs such as Changes, Life on Mars, Absolute Beginners to name but a few. But one piece of my cultural youth stuck with me and it was Pat Mills‘ use of Space Oddity in this morality tale of how a man would rather resign from the human race than to remain to be the perpetual guinea pig. For the full story, hunt out The Visible Man which was originally published in 2000AD issues 47 to 52. The art was by Carlos Trigo for the first two episodes and Montero drew the last four.

So to me, Bowie hasn’t died, he has just become the Starman that he always said he would become. Let’s just hope that he finds the Spiders from Mars before we do.

Images (c) Rebellion


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