What’s Another Year?

I find it hard to believe that it’s been a whole year since I started this blog. In such a short time, I have learned so much and I have met some great people over the past year.

I have had the good fortune to make friends with Stephen White aka Stref, visited Ian Kennedy at home, met Mark Millar and picked up some really amazing art over the past year. I know that most items I have bought are shown off as soon as I get them, but I have deliberately held back a few beauties for this first anniversary post.

I have learned a large number of names for art styles that I have been admiring and enjoying for decades such as Fleming and Ibanez for their work in Commando. And not only that, I have picked up some gems such as issue 5 of Commando, issues 1 of Giant War Picture Library and Battlecry Picture Library.

Not only that, but I have even picked up some American comics that I have enjoyed of which I cannot recommend the Deluxe Edition of The New Frontier enough.

Now what art could be so worthy of adding to my first anniversary post? A lot is the answer. Since I have been a fan of comics, my holy grails has always been original art. I can handle the comics, but I have never been a big fan of prints. Isn’t that strange?

So let’s start with a talent that I am not overly familiar with, but that in no way denigrates some lovely work from Mark Toner who is currently working on the Shoreline of Infinity magazine. Here is the appropriately named The Guide and who better to take us through this article?

The Guide

Next up, I am going to follow that up with the result of a 27 year search as that was when I first saw Medevac 318 in 2000AD and was exposed to the wonderful line work of Nigel Dobbyn. Ever since then I promised myself that if I ever got the chance, then I would get an original sketch or some original art from him. And at Moniaive, I was fortunate enough to bring that quest to a successful conclusion with his wonderful alien addition to my humble sketch book

Nigel Dobbyn - Alien

I also picked up a fair few bits from Stref and I owe him a beer or two for some of this great art. One of my favourites has to be this madcap take on Brassneck. I like to think that Bill Holroyd would be proud of Stref for what he has done with the character.


I also picked up two pages of art and they simultaneously killed off a 25 year search and an all my life search. The reason for the 25 year search is that 1991 was the year I became aware of John Ridgway’s name as he had the art duties for the seminal “The Dead Man” in 2000AD and I was able to identify him as an artist. When I first saw his art, I thought that he would be a perfect artist for Commando. Yes, I was that naive. I had little realised that I had been seeing John Ridgway’s art for years as he HAD been one of the Commando regular artists in the 1970s and 1980s!

Now all I have to do is identify which DC comic they were published in. How do I know they were published by DC? Well, both have the (c) DC Comics stamp on the back!

DC Genies in the bottle DC Vampires

So if anyone know which comic these belong to, please drop me a line.

Now for me the crowning achievement of this year has been ending another 27 year quest. As a companion piece to it, Stref did this as what Scottish comic fan could go without having at least one sketch of Paw Broon in their sketch book?

Paw Broon

If any of you know me, then you have a good idea of what is coming next. However, some of you might wonder why would Paw Broon be a companion piece to an artist that I have been quietly stalking for 27 years? Well, if I mention Electric Soup, then it might raise a smile amongst those of you that read this Scottish piece of anarchy and if I mentioned the Greens, then I know I will hear muted grumblings of envy as I was fortunate enough to be blessed with Frank Quitely’s time as he did me a Paw Green. This was the strip that launched Frank’s career on a national level and I was fortunate enough to be one of those to see it first time around, so with no more ado, I give you Paw Green.

Paw Green

I hope that you have all enjoyed this first anniversary post and I hope that I can look forward to many more.


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