Roll up for The Mystery Tour

When I am reading or reading about comics, I am never sure what journey they are going to take me on and what stops I will make along the way. This weekend has been a good example. As I had reviewed Dave Cook’s Vessels on Down The Tubes, Dave had recommended one of his fellow creators contact me and as a result, I had been chatting with that rather nice chap Dave Lumsden, who turns out to have created a really amazing comic called The Boat which I am going to review and that will appear on Down The Tubes in the next week or so.

End has Passed

While we were chatting via private message, one thing popped up on my social media feed that reminded me that Brian Bolland runs a wonderful blog that features his art. And one of those posts that popped up was about the Power Comics that Dave Gibbons had worked on back in the 1970s. Now I had known that Dave Gibbons had done a significant amount of work on Power Man, but I had not realised that to help him meet the deadlines, Brian Bolland had alternated the work with him so my impetus to find any copies of Power Man has taken on a fresh energy. And I am an addict for any Bolland art. In fact it was the fact that Brian Bolland had done the covers for The Invisibles that had put it on my want list for many years.

It turns out that this character was reprinted by Eclipse in partnership with Acme Press back in 1988. Alas, the only copies that I can find for sale are in the USA and while the price of each comic is very reasonable, it is only the cost of getting the set shipped to me in the UK that makes me pause for thought.

Power Comics 1 and 2

And the weekend was only halfway through!

I then ended up reading a wonderful article over on Splank about the hunt for the Gorbals Vampire. And this prompted me to look this up in Google (other search engines are available) as I vaguely recalled reading about a new Frank Quitely piece that he had done for the Citizens Theatre Glasgow. After a short hunt, I found that Frank had indeed done something for them as it is part of the promotional material for their production in October 2016 of The Gorbals Vampire.  And this ticked so many boxes for us as a family that there is no way that we could miss going to see this, so my love of comics has prompted us to have a night out at the theatre. And here is the art that Frank has done for the production.

Gorbals Vampire

If you have an interest in horror, comics, moral panics, popular culture, theatre, black humour or just love Frank’s art and in the vicinity of Glasgow around Halloween, then get yourself along to watch this play as I have a feeling that those that miss it will be the ones that will be kicking themselves rather than those attending.

In between all this, I was writing the review article to rave about The Boat Volume 1. And just as I am sitting down to enjoy watching a few episodes of A Town Called Eureka, I check my emails and find that there is a request for information about the work of Denis McLoughlin for Commando. Looking at what I have managed to find out about the people who have drawn for Commando, it looks likely that once the main source of work dried up for an artist, such as the weekly that they drew for folded, then D C Thomson would offer them work on the Picture Libraries. If that is the case, then I am not complaining at that idea as Denis ended up drawing 171 Commandos between 1982 and 2002. And I am more than happy to be corrected if my assumption is complete tosh. And just so that people have an idea of how amazing Denis’ work was, then here is a page from The Frozen Man On The Mountain from The Wizard from 1976.

Frozen Man On The Mountain

And as my friend told me that a mutual comic fan was looking into Denis’ work, I went to look for a website that had listed a large amount of Denis’ bibliography. When I could not find that, I got distracted by the wonderful bibliography put together by David Ashford.

Aren’t weekends great?


One thought on “Roll up for The Mystery Tour

  1. Colin, Power Comics were reprints of Powerman as it was titled in S. Africa. Powerman comics were distributed here in UK and had a U.K.10p price printed on the cover beneath the 25k local price. Other strips in Powerman included, Jango – The Black Sheriff and Invasion of the Hornu.


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