Flashdance: What a (Super) feeling

One of the greatest strengths of the best of American culture has always been the undying optimism that features in so many of their books, comics, movies and TV shows. Two current offerings that really embody this optimism by using comics in the TV medium are the TV shows Supergirl and The Flash.


Which is why I was such a huge fan of the Christopher Reeve and Dean Cain versions of Superman, but not such a fan of the latest incarnation. I get that the new version of Superman is in keeping with the current state of America where there is fear writ large, but for my money, Superman was, is and always will be at its’ best when it is the shining light of how America is at its’ greatest when it pulls the world along with it with the optimism of belief in the American Dream. I may grouch about it as I find UK culture being Americanised but I prefer for my Britishness to be infected with optimism rather than anything else. And when Superman looks like this, can you blame me?


One other excellent export of American culture that I thoroughly enjoy are the musicals. I don’t care if I am listening to Rodgers and Hammerstein, MGM, Bernstein or whoever, I enjoy them all. I am as happy with Howard Keel belting out a number as I am with Gene Kelly dancing his way through one.

And that bring me to the other interesting part about the Flash / Supergirl crossover is that it is going to be a musical. And I think that is a great idea. The joy and fun that has come from two series of The Flash and one series of Supergirl has been great to see. So when you chuck in the fact that it could almost be a singalong episode, this could be one of those awesome TV moments that no one wants to miss.

Add to that the fact that Grant Gustin (Barry Allen) and Melissa Benoist (Kara Danvers / Supergirl) are both alumni of Glee, you know that this crossover is going to feature some pretty decent musical talent and that is without even considering Jesse L Martin’s (Joe West) jazz and swing, Danielle Panabaker‘s (Caitlin Snow) indie folk style or Calista Flockhart’s (Cat Grant’s) sex kitten rendition of Santa Baby.

So don’t fall for the usual internet trend of  trashing things before we get them, let’s instead be excited for the shape of things to come.

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