Got To Accentuate The Positive

As we have now moved and we are unpacking boxes, one thing that was decided early on was that my comic reference library was either going to be in our bedroom or in our living room.

As we have now been in the house for a month and we currently only have one bookcase upstairs, it was became clear very quickly that those reference books were ending up in the living room. The only thing guaranteed to pull my nose out of a comic book is to find the answer to a question about comics, be that about a writer, editor or an artist.

So I am glad to see that I have found at least ten of my comic reference books.  I also know that I have more to find which is guaranteed to make me smile.  My standard reference picture tells me that by itself!  However, one thing is surprising me and that is my ability to either add to these books the additional information that is not provided.

A good example of this is that I am always on the look out for information that allows me to identify artists or even gives me a clue about writers.  I have picked up Football’s Comic Book Heroes to give you an example of what I mean in regards to what the book can teach me and what I can add to the book.

Now, if I look at examples of Gorgeous Gus (from the 1960s and 1970s The Victor), Sparky Morton and those early Limp Along Leslie stories from the Hornet I know that these are examples of the work of the departed Bert Vandeput.


However, if I want to find out about the artist of Legge’s Eleven, I need to do a bit of digging to find out that it was drawn by Doug Maxted for Valiant.


But this is the good thing about this book is that it tells me about characters that I am not familiar with such as The Army Champions that featured in The Boys’ Realm Sporting Library and it is fascinating that it was first published in 1913 before the clouds of war gathered over Sarajevo in August 1914.

God, what a great hobby I have.


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