Simply The Best 1960s

Someone has been really nice to me and loaned me their copies of the fanzine Achtung! Commando.  And while I have been enjoying it, one feature has stood out and that is people picking out their favourite issues.  To me, that’s as bad as asking a parent who your favourite child is.  It’s going to cause nothing but pain and usually best never asked.  But I have always been a glutton for punishment, so I am going to go for my best in each decade.  To start with, I am going to define each decade as running from the 1 to the 0 as that is what it says in the dictionary.

So let’s start with the 1960s.  Commando started in the 1960s so you usually find that comic starts strong and slowly winds down to that dreaded stage where it is Great News For All Our Readers which means that your favourite comic is going to end up as part of another and will disappear very soon from the publishing landscape.  However, Commando hit the ground running and continued to build up a serious following with contributors such as Ken Barr, Gordon Livingstone, Matias Alonso and Victor de la Fuente.

My best for this decade features neither of those worthies but instead demonstrates two Scottish artists at the top of their game and despite the similarity in name, they never met until the last few years.  The two artists are Ian Kennedy and Cam Kennedy.  And the issue in question is 469 Death Of A Wimpy.

And with a great story by Ken Gentry of rebellion, repression, release and redemption, it’s no surprise that this is my nomination for the best of the first decade of Commando.

I was going to go through each decade in this article, but I need time to think as the 1970s was a golden age for my appreciation of Commando.



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