Better Than All The Rest 1960s

After my previous article where I have selected what I class to be the best Commando from the 1960s, one of my friends decides to ask me which other issues deserve an honourable mention.  With friends like that, who needs enemies!

Seriously, I am going to list some of the issues that I never get tired of reading and with many of them, it would have been a fight to decide which one was best if I had not gone for Death Of A Wimpy.

The first one that I would have struggled with would have been issue 98 Valley Of Secret Weapons with a beautiful Ken Barr cover and fantastic Leopoldo Ortiz art for the internal story.  With a script by war veteran Eric Hebden, the only surprise is that I have not picked more of his.

The next issue that is worthy of a honourable mention is issue 163 Coward VC with the cover done by the talented Aldoma Puig, the internal art is one of Gordon Livingstone’s fine additions to the library of Commando and it was written by the talented Scott Goodall who did his fair share of stories over the years.

Isn’t that just a great cover?  The next one to be given an honourable mention is issue 298 Desert Monster with a Lopez Espi cover and Miguel Quesada doing the story art and a great script from Skentleberry gives this Commando a feelgood A-Team vibe.

I was going to miss mentioning this one, but I just can’t give issue 384 Flying Fury a miss.  It’s a great flying story and also happens to be the very first issue that is illustrated by the late great Argentinian artist Jose Maria Jorge.  Featuring a dynamic cover by Ricardo Sanféliz Permanyer and a rock solid script by Ken Gentry, there is no way I could pass up mentioning this beauty.

Moving on to issue 422, this is one of my favourites since I started reading Commando back in the 1970s and that is Battle-Wagon with another Lopez Espi cover and internal art rendered by one of my favourite Spanish artists Matias Alonso.  However the script was written by the less exotically named Smith.

I could easily add in a dozen more but all I would be doing is proving how important a good editor is as Chick Checkley made sure that we Commando readers were exposed to nothing but the best in terms of scripts, covers and art.

The good that I can take away from this post is that subsequent Commando editors have also felt that these stories were good examples of the Commando brand as each one has been republished and it allows fans of the comic to pick up copies of these stories for pennies rather than pounds.


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