Busy Doing Nothing

I can’t believe it has been over two months since I posted an article, so let’s update you all on what comic shenanagins I have been involved in.

First off, I have managed to pick up a full run of Ranger and even have some doubles for anyone interested…

I have also picked up a pile of 1980s Eagles that came as part of a job lot, so if you want 43 of the first 64 at a knock down price, then I am your man.

I am currently involved in a deal which could take me below the 300 mark in Commandos I am looking for.

I picked up 16 Commandos which filled three gaps and gave me collection upgrades from around 4.6 up to 8.6 in some cases. I also picked up another 230 plus which filled a grand total of another 2 gaps but increased the grade from 4.9 to 8.7.  That also means I have a lot of doubles to move!

I am doing swapsies so I have now catalogued what I have in my Wizard S2 and Hornet collection and I have to say that I am doing pretty well with over 65% in both runs.

Again, both runs have produced a pile of doubles as I have merged what comics I have so if anyone is interested in those doubles, drop me a line as it will free up some space and give me pennies to go looking for other comics!

I have also been chatting with some of the giants of the industry so I can get some of my comics signed by those fine gentlemen.

You all take care and hopefully I will be writing a bit more in the New Year.


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