Still Haven’t Found What I Am Looking For

I have not been doing much comic orientated recently as we are in the throes of packing before what I hope is our final move. And as I pack as much as I can, I keep coming across comics and books that I have not read, put on my reading pile or just stuff that I have read before and want to read again. And … Continue reading Still Haven’t Found What I Am Looking For

We’ve Only Just Begun

I do enjoy the fact that my social media feed is crammed with artists that I admire for a variety of reasons. One is that I sometimes get given advance notification of something that is coming out that I will really enjoy. Another reason is that a lot of the artists and writers are really good people and it is a real pleasure to chat … Continue reading We’ve Only Just Begun

Roll up for The Mystery Tour

When I am reading or reading about comics, I am never sure what journey they are going to take me on and what stops I will make along the way. This weekend has been a good example. As I had reviewed Dave Cook’s Vessels on Down The Tubes, Dave had recommended one of his fellow creators contact me and as a result, I had been … Continue reading Roll up for The Mystery Tour

What Have I Done To Deserve This

It’s been a while since I have put out more than one article in a week, so let’s see how much this is appreciated. With no apologies, we are a geek chic family. We go to watch superhero movies at the cinema, we watch comic based shows on TV and we discuss character motivations. But most importantly for me is that we all have our … Continue reading What Have I Done To Deserve This

All The Burning Bridges That Are Falling After Me

Now anyone that knows me knows I can be a bit of an act first think later kind of person and can end up burning bridges that I don’t mean to, but when I talk about the song, then it can cheer people up as it can only be associated with a beautiful bridge wid all dem positive waves. So it was in this spirit, … Continue reading All The Burning Bridges That Are Falling After Me

They Might Be Giants

Having never physically met Steve Holland, John Freeman or Vic Whittle, I know little of their physical stature, but in comics, they certainly are giants upon whose shoulders I stand upon. I have unashamedly mined their websites for the pure gold that is Commando credits. So you can visit Bear Alley, Down The Tubes or British Comics and see for yourself how much information is … Continue reading They Might Be Giants