Kung Fu Fighting

Way back in September 1974, The Osmonds and Carl Douglas were topping the charts, but I was feeling sorry for myself as I was on my sixth week of being stuck at home as a 5 year old with little to do and I was so bored! This is in the days before we had all day TV let alone 24 hour! Now those reading … Continue reading Kung Fu Fighting

Have Yourself a very Kennedy Christmas

If there is one person I associate with Christmas, it is Ian Kennedy. With the amount of annual covers, internal comic art and comic covers, it would not be Christmas without Ian’s work to love and admire. So without further ado, I present to you a small selection of Ian Kennedy’s work that we could call his Winter collection. These are presented in publication order … Continue reading Have Yourself a very Kennedy Christmas

It’s A Hard Life

Some days it is just so hard to get going, but there are other days when good things just fall into your lap and today was one of those days when good things just kept falling. I had mentioned that my next Comic Creator Spotlight article on Down The Tubes was going to be about Gordon Livingstone and I would be looking at his body … Continue reading It’s A Hard Life