It’s A Hard Life

Some days it is just so hard to get going, but there are other days when good things just fall into your lap and today was one of those days when good things just kept falling. I had mentioned that my next Comic Creator Spotlight article on Down The Tubes was going to be about Gordon Livingstone and I would be looking at his body … Continue reading It’s A Hard Life

All Kinds of Everything

It’s almost been three weeks since my last post and I am surprised that it has taken so long for me to post anything else. But I have not been idle and I have been working on a couple of things for Down The Tubes. One was completing the Jeff Bevan article, which is paying tribute to a D C Thomson staff artist that worked … Continue reading All Kinds of Everything

Action All The Way With Warlord! 41 Years Young

A part of me is kicking myself that I was not running this blog last year as it would have meant that I could have celebrated the 40th anniversary of Warlord, an anthology that truly was a game changer in British comics. But better late than never. First off, let’s deal with why Warlord was a game changer. Warlord was unique in the fact that … Continue reading Action All The Way With Warlord! 41 Years Young