We All Stand Together Pt 3

In my articles about the 2018 Edinburgh Comic Con, I have gone through the set-up and the first full con day in Part One and Part Two.  Now let’s look at the second and final day.  For the second day running, I was up by 06:30 and what does that 0 stand for? It’s Oh My God! It’s Early! With no apologies to Robin Williams, … Continue reading We All Stand Together Pt 3

The Kids Are Alright

It’s not often that the news of the sale of the rights to a back catalogue gets a lot of comic people excited, but the news coming out of Oxford is doing the business this finest August day. Rebellion, the company that currently own 2000AD have bought the rights to the Egmont UK archive. This includes all Fleetway characters created after 1970, so this includes … Continue reading The Kids Are Alright

Roll up for The Mystery Tour

When I am reading or reading about comics, I am never sure what journey they are going to take me on and what stops I will make along the way. This weekend has been a good example. As I had reviewed Dave Cook’s Vessels on Down The Tubes, Dave had recommended one of his fellow creators contact me and as a result, I had been … Continue reading Roll up for The Mystery Tour

Bullet For My Valentine

When I started this blog, I was aware that Valentine’s Day 2016 would represent the 40th anniversay since two comics came out. These were Bullet, published by D C Thomson and Action, published by IPC. But as the date approached, real life interfered and I forgot about them until comic artist Lew Stringer reminded us that he had discussed these comics on his blog back … Continue reading Bullet For My Valentine

Swop you five Victors for the Battles

If you grew up in the post war decades, then the title or a variant of it will be a familiar refrain. Comic swaps were one of the few ways of getting more to read than you could afford to buy on your pocket money. And many a budding small-town businessman made their start in this way by making sure the exchange of comics favoured … Continue reading Swop you five Victors for the Battles

What was that called again? Part 3

There are still a lot of reference books out there that I still want to buy. And I have been fortunate to buy one that I have been chasing for over 10 years. This is Alan Clark’s Encyclopedia of Comic Artists, Writers and Editors. This is a well researched book which features short biographies of such luminaries that are of interest to myself and other … Continue reading What was that called again? Part 3