Oh Diana

I have been wavering over what to do for this, my 100th article.  I had thought to do a cricket article as it would allow me to feature the art of Mike Dorey from Howzat? and Is It Cricket? and use a lot of 100 not out style comments.  I had thought to continue my best of the rest article series about Commandos and list … Continue reading Oh Diana

The Kids Are Alright

It’s not often that the news of the sale of the rights to a back catalogue gets a lot of comic people excited, but the news coming out of Oxford is doing the business this finest August day. Rebellion, the company that currently own 2000AD have bought the rights to the Egmont UK archive. This includes all Fleetway characters created after 1970, so this includes … Continue reading The Kids Are Alright

Do You See What I See?

In this world of pervasive social media, we begin to forget that everything was not always available at the click of a mouse button. But when you read some comics, it can still remind a few of us over-30s that the best insider jokes or Easter Eggs if you prefer are the ones you discover for yourself. This can be anything from the mention of … Continue reading Do You See What I See?