The Lady Is A Tramp

I have been reading comics for more years than I care to mention, but one thing I have always enjoyed is finding strong female characters. The first one to grab my attention was Ebony Jones.  Ebony was a secret agent story that ran in The Crunch from issue 39 until it was merged with Hotspur after issue 54.  This was originally commissioned to be part … Continue reading The Lady Is A Tramp

Still Haven’t Found What I Am Looking For

I have not been doing much comic orientated recently as we are in the throes of packing before what I hope is our final move. And as I pack as much as I can, I keep coming across comics and books that I have not read, put on my reading pile or just stuff that I have read before and want to read again. And … Continue reading Still Haven’t Found What I Am Looking For

The Kids Are Alright

It’s not often that the news of the sale of the rights to a back catalogue gets a lot of comic people excited, but the news coming out of Oxford is doing the business this finest August day. Rebellion, the company that currently own 2000AD have bought the rights to the Egmont UK archive. This includes all Fleetway characters created after 1970, so this includes … Continue reading The Kids Are Alright

All The Burning Bridges That Are Falling After Me

Now anyone that knows me knows I can be a bit of an act first think later kind of person and can end up burning bridges that I don’t mean to, but when I talk about the song, then it can cheer people up as it can only be associated with a beautiful bridge wid all dem positive waves. So it was in this spirit, … Continue reading All The Burning Bridges That Are Falling After Me

Planet Earth Is Blue And There’s Nothing We Can Do

One of my rules for creating this blog was to post nothing that would depress me whenever I revisited any post. And on the face of it, the death of David Bowie is a pretty big event that depresses the hell out of a lot of people. But for me, whenever I think of Bowie, I am strangely uplifted. I always liked his music, but … Continue reading Planet Earth Is Blue And There’s Nothing We Can Do

The Box

I really need to find out who the editor was for 1970s picture paper Wizard as his taste was impeccable. He brought several up and coming artists to the attention of the world and three of them are now considered major influences by the current artists breaking through. I have mentioned that this comic featured the debut of Carlos Ezquerra in the action papers with … Continue reading The Box

What was that called again? Part 2

My first blog post, in this series, was deliberately aimed at looking through the reference books that are out there for people who love their comics. And as you can see from the header image, there are still a lot more that I have yet to mention. In some cases, there are a lot more that I have to find within the house! But in … Continue reading What was that called again? Part 2