Busy Doing Nothing

I can’t believe it has been over two months since I posted an article, so let’s update you all on what comic shenanagins I have been involved in. First off, I have managed to pick up a full run of Ranger and even have some doubles for anyone interested… I have also picked up a pile of 1980s Eagles that came as part of a … Continue reading Busy Doing Nothing

Got To Accentuate The Positive

As we have now moved and we are unpacking boxes, one thing that was decided early on was that my comic reference library was either going to be in our bedroom or in our living room. As we have now been in the house for a month and we currently only have one bookcase upstairs, it was became clear very quickly that those reference books … Continue reading Got To Accentuate The Positive

What was that called again? Part 1

In many subjects, you will often hear current researchers talking about “standing on the shoulders of giants” when their latest research is published and lauded. For me, being a fan of comics does mean that I rely on the work of many that thankfully are still with us and many who have unfortunately passed away. And in this age of the internet, there is so … Continue reading What was that called again? Part 1