Try The Crawl

Sometimes, articles just create themselves and when I saw this story about Ben Hooper begin his record breaking attempt to swim across the Atlantic, all I could think of was this story that I first read in the Judge Dredd Daily Star Collection Volume 3 that I bought in the late 1980s. The good news is that you can see a top quality version of … Continue reading Try The Crawl

Still Haven’t Found What I Am Looking For

I have not been doing much comic orientated recently as we are in the throes of packing before what I hope is our final move. And as I pack as much as I can, I keep coming across comics and books that I have not read, put on my reading pile or just stuff that I have read before and want to read again. And … Continue reading Still Haven’t Found What I Am Looking For

The Kids Are Alright

It’s not often that the news of the sale of the rights to a back catalogue gets a lot of comic people excited, but the news coming out of Oxford is doing the business this finest August day. Rebellion, the company that currently own 2000AD have bought the rights to the Egmont UK archive. This includes all Fleetway characters created after 1970, so this includes … Continue reading The Kids Are Alright