You know that you are a comic fan when you…

I have been having a hard few days and not feeling up to the rigours of properly researching my next couple of posts, so just to make you all smile I am going to post some statements that show you know when you are a comic fan when you…

…remember the dates that comics were first published better than you know family birthdays.

…have foreign language editions of comics in languages you don’t understand because you love the characters so much.

…have comics that you have no memory of ever buying, but are glad to find them in your house.

…are as happy to pick up a comic that costs you 5 pence as you are to pick up one that costs you £50.

…read adult magazines for the cartoons rather than the main content.

…will watch a TV programme for an hour to see a 15 second clip on comics.

…smile when you hear a comic mentioned anywhere.

…can pick apart a reference book that is dedicated to comics without resorting to the internet.

…think that Sheldon Cooper’s collection of comics is small compared to yours.

…can name 50 artists, writers, editors and inkers from memory.

…will listen to a radio show about comics. (think about it)

…can define parts of your life by the comics you were reading.

…can name more than 4 comic publishers.

…are on first name terms with artists and writers and they have not taken out a restraining order against you.

…have a restraining order against you from an artist/writer!

…plan days out according to the conventions you are attending.

…can name comic characters by the genre.

…are on first name terms with your local comic shop owner.

…would use comic characters to name your children.

…think a discussion between the merits of Ditko versus Dorey is a great way to spend an evening.

…are willing to drive for several hours to attend a thirty minute lecture.

…have found more friends through your collecting than your work.



One thought on “You know that you are a comic fan when you…

  1. Wasn’t expecting as many of them to apply to me as there did!
    (What a hard sentence to phrase – probably wrong but you know what I mean).

    I spend more time talking to comic creators on Facebook than I do talking to “real” friends on Facebook!


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