Who Can It Be Now

I am currently working on an article for a fanzine and I have hit a bit of a snag. The snag is that I need to identify a few artists so that I can credit them all properly.

Now this is where I need some help from those of you that read this. I have written to D C Thomson as they were the publisher and asked if they can give me the credits for these stories, but I want to see if anyone else can help me.  Without further ado, I give you the pictures.

I have a sneaking suspicion that this first one is by Phil Gascoine, but I could do with someone to confirm this.

Update: I have been lucky in that two former Editors of D C Thomson magazines have been very generous with their assistance. (Another reason to love this hobby.  You get to speak to some awesome people)  Calum Laird, former Editor of Commando and Bill Graham, former Editor of Warlord and both of the Commando annuals helped me to confirm that the artist for this cover is Ron Brown.

This is an artist that has contributed regularly to Commando but I am beggared if I can put a name to the style.

I am sure that the artist of this European based adventure has done quite a few stories for Warlord but again this is not a style that I can name

Update:  The current thinking is that the artist for this cover is Ian McIntosh.

I am sure that the artist for this story did a large amount of girls’ comics for D C Thomson but I am beggared if I can name them.

So any help from anyone is gratefully received.

4 thoughts on “Who Can It Be Now

  1. Fighters North looks like an in-house job by Ian McIntosh (check some of his credited Commando covers). if the first one isn’t Phil Gascoine, it’s someone trying awfully hard to look like him. Again, check his credited Commando covers to see what I mean. Page 31 looks a little like Mike White but I’m not convinced. The Operation Crusader story has been done by someone I recognise from Victor, although there are shades of Ramon De La Fuente in there – the squared-off fingers and the rifleman’s expression. Surely from the Spanish school. Otherwise, not a scooby-doo.

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    1. Calum, I would have to agree with you that if it isn’t Phil Gascoine’s work, then someone is doing great job ghosting the style.

      Checking what I know of Ian McIntosh’s covers (Death From The Sky and Secrets of The Sea) I am going to accept that your diagnosis that it is his work.

      I agree that it’s not Mike White’s work on Page 31 as when I compare it to some of his other work, there is a significant difference to the faces. The unknown artist has the rugged chiselled looks for faces where Mike’s faces are more sharp with a certain streetwise aura to them.

      The last one (Page 88) reminds me of some of the Nikki artists, but I am stuffed if I can put a name to them.

      Otherwise thanks to all who are helping on social media as well as here


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