What Have I Done To Deserve This

It’s been a while since I have put out more than one article in a week, so let’s see how much this is appreciated. With no apologies, we are a geek chic family. We go to watch superhero movies at the cinema, we watch comic based shows on TV and we discuss character motivations. But most importantly for me is that we all have our own tastes and this is important for this article as I am going to showcase our plunder from Moniaive Comics Festival, some comics that I picked up from one of our local comic shops and the rest of our loot from the car boot sale where I picked up the Combat Picture Annual.

So get ready for a bucket load of pictures and a little bit of commentary.

First off, let’s start at the bottom with some scatological humour from this little picture.

Shot The Dog

In case you can’t make it out, that is all four of the poster issues of Sh*t The Dog with the majority of art by Bisley. Thanks to the generosity of Jim Alexander, I got a copy of Wolf Country TPB and it is worth picking up as a trade as the thread of the entire story arc is there in one chunk. Wonderful stuff. I also picked up the Eagle Summer Special 1983 as it had some lovely Ian Kennedy art in there. And as I said, we all have our own tastes, so a pile of Doctor Strange was picked up for the teenaged one.

Vamps and Freaks

Vamps was a no-brainer as Herself and the teenaged one are horror fans and I am a sucker for any Bolland art.

Meltdown Man

Love Meltdown Man and the opportunity to get the collected version was too good to resist. Teenaged one and I are Star Wars fans so that explains that. Samurai is the latest offering from Planet Jimbot and I am a sucker for any Samurai/Ronin stories. Herself inhaled Shadows Fall and I am just waiting for her thoughts about it.

Rok Of The Reds

Rok Of The Reds has been on my radar for two years and the chance to see the team of Wagner and Grant back in action is too much to resist. And as I have met Erik Larsen, I thought it was about time that I picked up at least one Savage Dragon.

Rising Stars

Rising Stars is one of my secret comic pleasures, so when I see issues going cheap, I pick them up. I will eventually get the full run. And Justice League is the teenaged one’s tastes. Plus, when she has done with them, I will have a read.

Ennis and Moebius

I am a fan of Garth Ennis. I have yet to find something of his that I don’t like. And it’s the same for Moebius and Concrete.

Thrud and True Crime

If you have not read at least one episode of Thrud, go to Ebay immediately and get yourself a copy. Gorgeous art with hilarious scripts and groan-inducing puns. The True Crime is for Herself as she is a big fan of crime stories, whereas I get to enjoy the art of the covers.

Moniaive Commandos and War PL Monthly

This is another reason why I loved Moniaive as it has been years since I have found Commandos for sale at a convention, so to pick up three Commandos and a War Picture Monthly was just pure dead brilliant!

And that about covers the haul from Moniaive, except for…well, I am going to leave that for another day. I have got to have something for the first year anniversary post!.

Next up is the haul from one of my local comic shops, Kingdom Comics. If you ever find yourself in the depths of Fife, pop along to Kirkcaldy and see what’s there that takes your fancy.

Kingdom Comics Commandos More Kingdom Comics Commandos

A fair chunk of these Commandos are reprints, but as most are older stories that were printed before I was born and I do enjoy reading the early stories, I can live with that.

Moving onto one of the biggest car boot sales in Scotland, I scored a fair amount of what makes me happy.

Beau Peep and Football Picture Libraries

Not only am I a fan of the martial picture libraries, I also enjoy the Football Picture Story Monthly that ran for a respectable 17 years from 1986 to 2003. These three had the added bonus that I could recognise a few artists. For example, the main story artist in 45 Minutes to Glory is Tony O’Donnell and the bonus story in Spanish Gold is drawn by Commando veteran Keith Page. And who could mistake the two covers on the right as by being anyone other than Ian Kennedy?

Also, the madcap duo of Kettle and Christine have rarely failed to put a smile on my face, so I had to pick up Beau Peep. I have been enjoying their work since the pair of them teamed up and were doing work for D C Thomson in the 1970s and early 1980s. Now that reminds me, they did a caveman strip for a certain gentleman’s magazine. Quite a few of those original pages could be seen in the bikers’ pub Foreigners in Dundee.

Holiday Specials, Micron and Air Ace

War PL Run 1

This always made me chuckle in that Fleetway would relaunch a picture library, so that it looked like a brand new comic. In reality, it was just a reset of the issue numbers with business as usual. Did you think that DC and Marvel had the monopoly on this practice? Fleetway was a past master at it.

War PL Run 2 54 to 225 War PL Run 2 221 to 235

I enjoyed the fact that Devil’s Cargo featured Harry Farrugia’s art but was saddened by the fact that it is a reprint. Even without any dates within the comic, I know that it has to be a reprint. How do I know this? The simple answer is that Harry passed away in 1970 and if you had charged 40p for a comic then, it would have been a hanging offence!

Battle PL Run 1 375 to 1485 and Run 2 39 Battle PL Run 2 70 to 212

Again we see the mid-run reset of the issue count. But of just as much interest to me is the change of the title graphic in 1986 to make it look more like the title of the Battle weekly. It made sense to update it as the logo had been almost unchanged since the early 1960s and did need updating. And Battle was still going as a weekly so there would have been a certain amount of brand identification there.

I hope that this post stirs a few memories and that it encourages fans to get out there and find a few more of the comics that they enjoy.




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